Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Big Year for Kanye

This has been a big year for Kanye West.  He dropped a new album, had a child with Kim Kardashian and now is recently engaged.  The guy seems unstoppable.  He's had a few outrageous moments, of course, and is now touring for his Yeezus album.  This Saturday he'll be performing with Kendrick Lamar at Madison Square Garden.  Sunday he'll be performing with A Tribe Called Quest.  

He seems to always be doing things his way regardless of what others are going to say about him.  He started to come out wearing the confederate flag and told Ryan Seacrest on his morning show that he was taking back the symbol.  Although it is a risky move, he is commended on his boldness.  Who knows how it will go over in the long run, and if people will even take to the statement the way he intends.  

Another interesting thing the artist has done is putting his fiance Kim Kardashian in his latest music video for Bound 2.  Risque? You bet.  Kardashian is topless and straddling a motorcycle as West drives.   People are going all sorts of crazy over it.  Some love it, some even saying stunts like this will tear them apart as it has other celebrity couples.  Kimye doesn't seem to care.  

How will all of this affect baby North?  "I'm not concerned about the idea of profanity and nudity.  It's more of the messaging behind it.  She's gonna be in the real world, she's gonna hear things and see things.  I think she's gonna be prepared for them," West told viewers of the Ellen DeGeneres show.  

Who knows what crazy stunts he will pull out in NYC this weekend.  Perhaps he'll keep calm.  But knowing Kanye, something's bound to go down.  

By: Tori 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rolling Stone takes a shot at EDM

EDM hasn't been around for as long as Rock n Roll's history and Rolling Stone Italia seems to want it to stay that way  

Last week the magazine uploaded a video to its online website that, although seeming satirical, pokes fun at electric dance music.  Rolling Stone claims that that kind of music will die, but guitar solos and rock anthems will not.  The video goes on about how EDM is fake music and that there is nothing like Rock and there will never be anything to beat it so EDM should just stop now. 

Rolling Stone focuses on the drug related aspects of EDM and how it almost always is associated with half naked girls, lollipops and neon lights.  The "bad stuff."  But what about the good? 

Technology has made some intense advances and now artists can pull sounds from anywhere to make a catchy tune.  Of course there are going to be some duds in a world where music is easy to make, but searching for the gold is worth it.  The video targeting EDM most likely is to take a dig at the mainstream dance music people hear.   While, yes, this is what most kids listen to, there is more to EDM than David Guetta and chicks dancing in daisy costumes.  If you truly are a fan, or truly know your stuff, it doesn't seem like dance is going to be going anywhere soon.  

Rock n Roll might still be around, but it's not what is focused on lately.  Is that why the Rolling Stone rockers are mad?  Maybe there will come a time where both rock and dance are both surpassed by something else.  Either way, its likely are both here to stay.  

We can only wonder if Rolling Stone Italia simply wanted to stir things up a bit.  Maybe they don't really hate EDM but rather wanted to see what readers thought about the subject.  Whatever the case, the video has gone viral and will probably be stirring up some debate in the near future.

Watch the video HERE   

By: Tori 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What are we going to do with Bieber?

Justin, Justin, Justin.  What's going on, guy?  You seem to be quite the trouble maker these days.

If you haven't noticed, Justin Bieber's name has been surrounded by chaos lately.  Just this past weekend he was booed on stage after only performing for an hour.  He had gotten on the Buenos Aires stage an hour and a half late because of a day spent in the hospital.  He wrote "food poisoning is #allbad" on his twitter to fans earlier with a picture of him and an IV drip.  

Do we give him credit for still getting up on stage even for a little while?  I guess so, but kid, what are you eating over there that keeps giving you food poisoning.  Seems best to stay away from that, your fans need you.  

This incident is following a handful of others on tour.  A video surfaced of a woman videotaping a sleeping Bieber and tweeting money she allegedly was given by the singer.  He has also been charged with graffiti in Brazil which could land him a year in jail if convicted.  On top of that, his body guards allegedly assaulted a club's house photographer under Bieber's wishes.  

It seems like our once angel-esque teen heartthrob is having some difficulties.  C'mon, Justin quit it, we still want to beliebe in you.  

By: Tori